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The Studio Tecnico Chieffe starts its activity in 2016, after ten years of technical experience in the Oil&Gas industry in advanced engineering environments dealing with both, static and rotating equipments.  


Competencies and skills developed in the field are now at disposal of demanding customers requiring professionality, competence and punctuality.

Oil & Gas Services

We recognize that the Oil & Gas industry is constantly transforming along with the growing global demand for energy. New frontiers of exploration and production have boosted the scale, risk, cost, and complexity of projects.

Melding innovative solutions and technologies with real-world applications, responsibility and meeting regulatory, environmental, and sustainability criteria are challenges that we all face. 

From small installations to multi-phase megaprojects, we can support upstream, midstream, downstream oil and gas egineering activities.

New Product Development

The launch of a new product is the most sensitive phase that will influence its marketability. With the use of new technologies based on the digital prototyping and the PLM systems, the design process will save time and costs, by increasing your product competitiveness.

Our innovative techniques in the mechanical design, based on multiphysics modeling involving FEA, CFD, 3D modeling and rapid prototyping, allows to reduce considerably your product time-to-market. 

Technical IT Solutions 

We offer the possibility to create and customize calculation tools tailored on your business activity needs. We can create quickly your customized solution for both, budgeting and design tools directly interfaced with your technical and commercial software collections.

The complete set of solutions includes
Stand alone executables
Add-in for your commercial software
Apps for Android and iOS


Pressure Vessels & Piping - Design and Calculation.

Pressure Vessel and piping mechanical sizing according to main international an national rules and codes like ASME, EN. Design by formulas and by rules.
Preparation of documentation for conformity assessment according to ASME BPVC VIII Div. I and Div. II & 2014/68/EU PED directive.


Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers

Thermal design of Shell And Tube and Air Cooled heat exchangers and steam condensers. Transitory analysis with CFD e FEM techniques and steady state analysis with in-house spreadsheets and software. Cal Gavin Hitran Inserts analysis and selection.


Stress Analysis

Stress Analysis of pressure vessels and piping according to ASME, EN and WRC rules and guidelines. 
Stress analysis of complex mechanical systems in static and dynamic loading also through multibody techniques. Stress Linearization according to ASME VIII DIV.2.


Fatigue Assessment

Fatigue assessment of pressure systems, according to ASME and EN requirements. Analysis of mechanical systems and fatigue assessment according to harmonized standards for conformity declaration according to 2006/42/CE directive.


CFD Analysis

VAWT CFD Simulation

CFD analysis for heat exchagers behaviour during transient, start-up and shutdown. Transfer Rate assessment for buildings walls subject to wind action. Transfer rate assessment of complex geometry heat exchangers. Aerodynamic assessment of rotating and static equipment and machinery. 


3D Parametric Modeling and Rendering

3D parametric modeling of mechanical complex. Virtual prototyping of machinery. Virtual tryout of machinery and interference check during assembly and operation of moving components.
Preparation of documentation for conformity assessment according to 2006/42/CE - Machinery Directive.


Product Development

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Product development and Virtual tryout of mechanical systems. Freebody diagrams and analysis for integrity check of mechanical parts subject to movement. Kinematic and dynamic assessment of mechanisms by multibody analysis techniques. Stiffness and strenght capability assessment of moving parts by multiphysics analysis.


Product Prototyping and Testing

VAWT Test Video

Rapid prototyping of mechanical systems by 3D printing techniques. Prototype testing and optimization.


Process Skid Design

H&M balance, PFD e P&ID of process skids. Mechanical sizing and optimization of components and equipments. Design and optimization of packaged systems.


Technical IT Solutions for your business

Development of tailored calculation and budgeting tools based on spreadsheets directly interfaced with commercial and open source codes (e.g. ANSYS, Code Aster, FLUENT, NASTRAN, STAAD Pro, SAP2000 etc.)


Energy Consulting

- Energy Diagnosis

- Certification

- Energy Management

- Heating and cooling systems design and optimization

- Micro power plant design based on
     - micro gas turbines
     - micro wind turbines
     - micro hydraulic turbines


Structural Analysis

Structural analysis of civil and industrial buildings according to national and international codes like
- Euro Codes
- Italian NTC 2018


Curriculum Vitae

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